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If you want to succeed in getting an investment banking job, you need to stay up-to-date with the news. There is a lot of free news out there. 
For very current updates, follow respectable news providers on Twitter. I suggest starting off with: @BloombergNews, @dealbook, @Reuters, @WSJ, 
@zerohedge and @GirlBanker.

Have a look at who each of these Tweeters follows and decide whether you want to add those news providers to your own list. Ensure that you yourself tweet responsibly!
Free newspaper
If you are in London, try to get CITY A.M., a free and condensed version of current financial news. They also have a free daily newsletter that summarizes their top headlines.  

Free RSS feeds and newspapers
To get news sent to your inbox or RSS feed, sign-up to: The Wall Street Journal, The FT and CITY A.M.

Paid-for news providers
Each of the above will probably have news services, online or paper, that they charge for. If you are in university, check if your careers service or the students union has deals on leading newspapers. 

When I was in Cambridge the FT retailed at £1 per day and a little more for the weekend edition but I used to receive an entire week's series of papers for just £1 because the students' union had a good deal. It was all delivered to my pigeon hole too, you can't get better than that.

Any suggestions that you want to add to the above? Please comment. 
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